Catastrophic Injury

A Complete Guide on Catastrophic Injury and It’s Compensation

In fact, Catastrophic injuries or disabilities have the most profound effect on a person’s capacity to function habitually. These ailments regularly impact day-to-day activities (including housekeeping chores like taking out the trash and washing dishes), vital work responsibilities, and social and family relationships. However, a catastrophic injury’s physical and psychological consequences usually result in a […]

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Slip and Fall on Ice

Sue after a Slip and Fall on Ice

Winters in Canada can be extremely slippery and dangerous for everyone. Especially in Alberta, where people often slip and fall on ice, several minor to lifelong injuries. Older people are always at risk, and sometimes, other people may be at fault for such incidents. Therefore, it is not unusual to wonder whether you can sue […]

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Leased Car Accident

What Are My Options If a Leased Car Falls into an Accident?

Everyone can’t buy a car. Thus, leasing cars is a more effective and popular option among these people. In addition, you get to use a new vehicle for a specific period, and the cost is lesser than buying it. All these perks make car leasing a very suitable option. However, this option comes with tremendous […]

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