How Do I Get Compensation for Injury at Work?

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Every year thousands of workers in Canada look for a work injury lawyer to get compensated for injury at work. AWCBC reported 590 occupational disease-related deaths and 335 injuries in 2019.

Meanwhile, Alberta has the greatest record of occupational disease-related deaths. In some occupations, workers are more prone to injury. Even those who work at the desk are more likely to be injured.

Therefore, the Government of Alberta has introduced a worker’s compensation law to help the victim get fair compensation. Let’s get started to know more!

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What is a Worker’s Compensation law?

It is a type of insurance that offers wage replacement and medical benefits for employees injured. The employee can sue their employer for negligence abuse at workplace.

This law aims to provide fair compensation to workers who suffer from a personal injury during work. Also, as those who are suffering from occupational diseases or dependents.

Those workers get health care benefits. The law provides rehabilitation services and programs so the injured workers can get back to work. Also, it provides rehabilitation programs to its survivors.

The law ensures the reduction of the incidence of occupational disease and injuries at work. All in all, it promotes the health and safety of the employees in the workplace.

Types of Injury at work

Employees can be injured very severely depending on the type of job. Workers at work are at risk of power tools, heavy machinery, falling objects, vehicle accidents, or heights. Sometimes, workers can develop severe illnesses if they work near toxic elements.

Above all, injuries at work can be traumatic to the workers. They cannot return to work while they are recovering. Meanwhile, they become unable to earn a living.

Besides, it becomes tough for them to pay the expensive medical bills without a fixed salary. It becomes even harder for an ordinary working family. In such cases, a work injury lawyer can help.

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Common Types of Injuries

The most common injuries happen at work due to:

  • Slipping into an oily, icy, or wet floor
  • Falling from a ladder, skyscraper, or roof construction area
  • Dropping due to poor lighting, unprotected holes, or direction
  • Lifting heavy objects manually
  • Improper lifting
  • Continuous and repetitive work without any break
  • A collapsing structure
  • Poorly guarded machinery
  • Falling tools or materials
  • Droppers loads
  • And so on.

Soliciting Legal Assistance for Workplace Injury

All these incidents can cause minimal to severe injuries such as;

  • Head injuries
  • Disability
  • Amputations
  • Paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Hearing loss
  • Heart injuries
  • Mangled limbs
  • Metal stress
  • Cancer from toxic exposure for long term

Your Workers’ Compensation Rights

You can claim worker’s compensation to get money to pay your medical costs. Also, you can replace part of your wages while you can’t work. If you ever get injured at work, you can claim these benefits no matter who was at fault. You can’t sue your employer even if they caused the accident.

The worker’s compensation system ensures that injured workers get the care needed without a lawsuit. The insurance companies mainly provide the worker’s compensation payments.

If the insurance company doesn’t pay claims, they will make more money. Some workers find themselves blocked everywhere if they claim worker’s compensation.

If the claim seems unreasonable, the insurance company may also deny the claim. Sometimes, they try to discourage the injured worker from making a claim. If this happens to you after an injury at work, a work injury lawyer can help.

Your Right to Sue

If you claim worker’s compensation rights, you can’t sue your employer. But there are exceptions. In some situations, you might be able to sue the employer and receive worker’s compensation. This has benefits as well.

Lawsuits take longer and are often less guaranteed than worker’s compensation. But, this almost makes more money. You may claim the money in a lawsuit that you may not through worker’s compensation.

You may get compensation for pain and suffering in a lawsuit or total replacement wages. If your employer does not take worker’s compensation insurance, you may be able to sue your employer.

You can also sue the employer when the employer attempts to take negative action against you. Those employers try to demote, fire, or penalize the workers who try to fight for their legal rights. It is called retaliation – the basis of a case.

If more than one employer is at work, you can still claim worker’s compensation. This mostly applies to the construction industry, where multiple contractors or subcontractors exist.

In some industries, workers may not be able to claim worker’s compensation. Worker’s on boats and ships, or mobile oil is not eligible for worker’s compensation by law.

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Injury at Work? – How to Report an Injury

Knowing what to do if you get injured at work might be stressful. Follow these easy procedures to report your injuries, receive medical care, and file a workers’ compensation claim if it occurs.

Inform your supervisor about the injury

Inform your supervisor as soon as possible that you were harmed at work. You might be asked to fill out a form with details about the injury by your boss.

Visit a medical professional

Get the medical help you require. Tell your health doctor that you were harmed at work when you did. The doctor will complete some documents to manage your injury for making decisions about your claim.

Work Place Injury Lawyer

Whether you are claiming worker’s compensation or suing, getting an experienced work injury lawyer by your side is advisable. A work injury lawyer can easily determine who is at fault for the injury.

The injury at work lawyer can demonstrate to an unwilling employer that you are determined about your rights. Moreover, the lawyer can deal with the insurance company to maximize your compensation.

What Should You Do If You Get Injured at Work?

When to get a lawyer for a work injury?

The best time to get a work injury lawyer is right after getting injured. It is best to have an experienced work-related injury lawyer in work-related injury cases. In any of the following situations, you must get a lawyer.

  1. When your employer denies your worker’s compensation claim
  2. When your worker’s compensation claim is denied
  3. When the accident results in a permanent disability
  4. If you are not getting what you should
  5. If you are not getting the treatment, you need
  6. If the insurance company is not providing all your medical expenses or lost wages
  7. When the employer reacts against you for filing the claim

How do I get a lawyer for my work injury?

If you think your employer or client caused the injury, you might want to claim worker’s compensation. Doing this can be complicated and might take a long time. So you should get legal advice from the best work injury lawyer in Alberta, Canada.



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