How to Talk to Personal Injury Lawyer?

How to Talk to Personal Injury Lawyer?


Talking to an injury lawyer is always nerve-wracking, especially if it is the first time. What to talk about? How to talk to a personal injury lawyer? How to explain the case? And so on. This is what most people think who’s been in an accident.

Relax! Don’t make it complicated. They are human, like us. But, they are somewhat special as they know a lot about the law. If a lawyer makes you realize talking with him is a privilege, he is not a good lawyer.

In fact, a discussion helps you find whether the lawyer is right for your case. It also allows the lawyer to determine if they can proceed with the case. So, you or your loved one recently experienced an injury due to another party’s fault.

Now you are looking to hire a personal injury lawyer. Great you took the right decision. Here are certain things that you should consider while talking to a lawyer. Take a look.

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Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Recently you’ve been injured in a car or slip and fall accident. And, you were not at fault, all that happens because of the property owner’s negligence. As per law, the owner is obliged to pay the medical bills and other costs related to your injury.

Now you are looking for a car accident injury lawyer to help you get the compensation. You can file a lawsuit due to the injuries. At the same time, you are confused about the essential information.

So, here a personal injury lawyer can help you understand what to do next. Here are a few reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Experience Matters

Except few, the personal injury lawyers are experienced enough to handle cases. They can tell you whether to pursue any legal action on your case. If your case is not strong enough, they will suggest you avoid it. It will save both your time and expenses.

Investigate Team

Generally, injury lawyers work with a team of experienced investigators. They will inspect the technical aspects of your case. The team will provide relevant information.

Contingency Fee

Many injury lawyers nowadays do not take fees if the case is not successful. You don’t need to pay the fees until you recovered.

Handling Formalities

Slip and fall accidents mostly include a lot of legal procedures, paperwork, and confusing medical terms. An experienced lawyer can do all the paperwork to help you make a potential claim.


While making a claim, you could be in pain, fear, and frustration. All these can affect your decision to make a claim. Here a lawyer can help in deciding what to do and when to do it.

Negotiation Settlements

Lastly, a personal injury lawyer can assist you in negotiated settlements. In settlements, a plaintiff can dismiss the case with an exchange of payment from the defendant. The lawyer will negotiate here on behalf of the plaintiff.

Why Need to Talk to A Personal Injury Lawyer?

While you are planning to hire a lawyer, don’t rush. Take your time to talk to a personal injury lawyer to settle different things. It is essential to make sure the lawyer has the experience to handle your case.

The lawyer should be able to understand the injury claim that you are facing. Experienced lawyers handle different types of injury claims with years of experience. So, they can give you the best suggestion.

During the conversation, you’ll get to know whether he is capable or not. The same goes for the lawyers. The lawyer will get an equal chance to decide whether to accept the case or not.

There is a range of facts that you can sort out in a conversation with the lawyer. Also, don’t hire a lawyer who gives bad vibes in the first met. All in all, it is too important to talk to a lawyer before hiring one.

Preparation for First Meeting

Now that you have decided to meet a lawyer. Here are a few things that a lawyer may ask for in your first meeting. Make sure all of this potential information are in your hand.

Your Personal Information

The first thing your lawyer needs to know is about you. While meeting with a lawyer, bring your ID with a photo, driver’s license, and social insurance card. You will also need to provide;

  • Date of birth
  • Full contact details, including home, email address
  • Phone number
  • Information about spouse/children
  • Employment history details about Accident

The next thing you’ll need is every single detail about the accident. Like, who was responsible? Find the name and address of the defendant, if you know. What was the date? Where did it happen? Was there any witness on the spot?

If possible, get a recorded statement from the witness. Is there any police report about the accident? If any, then ask for a copy of the accident report and incident number. Were there any fines, tickets, or charges during the accident?

Also, you can create a timeline of the accident. Try to include all the relevant incidents followed by accident. For example, police investigation, medical terms, etc.

Insurance Details

In any accident claim, insurance companies play an essential role. The lawyer need to know everything that your insurance cover. So, bring all the relevant insurance details, including automobile insurance, health coverage, or homeowner’s insurance.

How to Talk to Personal Injury Lawyer?

The minute you have your first meeting with the lawyer, it is essential to have provided and gather information. This helps the lawyer to understand your case well. The correct information can only help you come up with a good strategy.

Narrate Yourself

As a first step, the lawyer will assess you to understand the case. Your job is to provide the information that the lawyer will ask for. Only then the lawyer will get to know where to proceed with the case. The lawyer may ask the following things;

  • Whether you have a genuine case?
  • Will you make a good witness?
  • Do you stumble over the claim?
  • Do you know your claims well?
  • Do you know the dates when the accident happened?
  • Are you complaining of injury instead of being fine?

The lawyer will assess all these things. That’s because you will be the witness of the first witness of the accident. So your credibility is essential to the case. At this point, be honest as your lawyer cannot help you if you don’t help yourself.

What Question Should You Ask?

The way your lawyer assesses you, likewise, you’ll be assessing your lawyer. This will help to know whether you both make a good fit. In fact, the lawyer’s answer to your question will decide if the lawyer is suitable for your case or not.

You both are going to board on a long journey together. So, make sure you have asked the following questions.

What Experience Do You Have In Slip And Fall Cases?

Ask your personal injury lawyer about his/her experience in injury cases. Also, enquire about overall law experience. You should ask for the details that the lawyer had worked on till now. It will help you understand if he/she can handle your accident case or not.

What is Your Trial Record of Success?

Personal injury cases are sensitive; they may affect your life further. So, make sure the lawyer has a potential track record of success. Ask the lawyer, if they were ever taken cases like yours to trial. Does he/she win that case? If the lawyer was successful as per record, you could rely on the lawyer.

What Certifications or Awards Have You Received?

Since it’s your first meeting, you don’t know what certifications the lawyer has?. Ask the lawyer about any special honor or award that the lawyer has received.

It takes years of hard work to get any prestigious award. You may also ask whether the lawyer is a board specialist in this field. If the lawyer has earned such honor, it means the lawyer is perfect for the case.

Who Will Be Handling My Case?

The lawyer you meet personally may not be the one who’ll be doing all the work. They may have a team for investigation or paperwork. Some law firm has legal aids or intern who do the job. So, ask the lawyer about the team and how they will handle the case.

Are You Ready to Take My Case to Trial?

Ask about the preparation of the lawyer for your case. It is essential to know about their take on your case. Are they taking it to trial? However, not all cases are needed to take to trial. The lawyer may choose to settle or fight for the case.

What is My Accident Case Worth?

Finally, the most important thing is cost. Some lawyer works for free until you receive the compensation. It’s called a contingency fee percentage. A potential lawyer will think your case is worthwhile.


Well, this is how to talk to a personal injury lawyer. Apart from meeting in person, you can also consult over the phone. The facts and facets are the same for a phone consultation.

Only you need to be prepared with the information before you talk. If you are still confused, Red Deer Injury Lawyer is ready to help you with your case.



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