Severe and Permanent Disability Benefit

Severe and Permanent Disability Benefit

Are you looking for a complete guideline that will help you to know about severe permanent disability benefits? Then don’t worry as this article aims to solve all your queries regarding the benefits of severe permanent disability.

Severe permanent disability is so extreme that it snatches away the happiness of one’s life as you cannot either work properly or enjoy your life anymore like others. That is, everything of yours almost gets limited within some boundaries.

We understand your pain and know what you might be facing now. That’s why by keeping all the essential things that you need to know about severe permanent disability benefits, we have presented this article so that you can benefit yourself from it. Keep Reading to know in detail.

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What is Severe Permanent Disability Benefit?

Severe permanent disability is such an extreme permanent disability that you get from an accident or mishap affecting you for the rest of your life. In fact, it is a disease that can change your whole life within seconds.

These injuries are so severe that one gets deprived of life’s benefits. Only those who are going through these hardships can understand the painful life that it can probably cause.

Unlike other disability benefits, the benefit of severe permanent disability is a bit different. They are special benefits that are mainly reserved for students with severe permanent disabilities to help them with their pending student loans. If a student gets granted these benefits, then all his/her student loans will be forgiven.

Now, let us talk about who is eligible for applying, the application process, and what happens after being granted the benefits. So you can get a complete idea about the whole process,

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Who Can Apply for The Severe Permanent Disability Benefits?

Not everyone suffering from severe permanent disability can apply for these benefits. There are some specific criteria that you need to fall under for applying. Otherwise, your application will be rejected, thinking that you are not eligible. Hence, before applying for getting the benefits, it is better to know if you are suitable for applying or not.

Below is a list of the criteria under which you need to fall,

  • The number 1 condition is you must be a Canadian citizen by law.
  • You are a victim of severe permanent disability owing to which you cannot work or take part in any official training such as full-time or part-time works.
  • Your disability is likely to stay forever, thus affecting your whole life.
  • You are accountable for the following types of student loans:
  • Canada incorporated student loans (State or district-based).
  • Canada student loans.
  • Full or Part-time Canada student credit.

Therefore, if you fall under the above-listed criteria, then only apply for getting the benefits. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time and effort.

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Application Procedure

This step is only for those who are eligible to apply. Hence, the next step for you is to apply for getting the benefits if you are eligible.

So, for your better understanding and to help you with the application process, we have written the application procedure below in detail:

  1. The first job is to download the severe permanent disability benefits application form and the medical report, which you will easily find on the Canadian website. After downloading, complete the application form properly so you don’t miss out on any of the information. And for the medical report, ask your doctor or nurse to complete it on your behalf.
  2. Once both the application form and the medical report are completed, the next step is mailing both the original signature papers along with any supporting papers (if you have any) to the Canada student loans program (CSLP) for further processing.

If you get approval, you will get a written mail stating you are accepted for the federal benefits of severe permanent disability.

However, if you don’t get approval this time, then you can certainly apply for the next time.  So don’t get disheartened if you don’t get acceptance; instead, keep trying.

Note: To get more detailed information about your application process, you can also contact the national student loan service center if you face any difficulties.

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What Will Happen to Your Student Loan After You are Granted the Benefits?

Although you might be eager to get the benefit, there is one crucial piece of information that you must know beforehand so that you don’t feel disappointed later for not knowing. Like all good things, it also comes with a condition to it. That is, after getting the benefits, all your pending student loans will be canceled. As a result, you will not have to worry anymore about paying your student loans.

So what is the condition, you might be wondering, right? The condition is that upon receiving benefits, you can no longer apply for any student loans for your study in the future. Only your past student loans will be forgiven that you have taken and cannot pay anymore after being a victim of severe permanent disability disease.


Hopefully, you have now got a complete idea about the severe permanent disability benefits. Severe permanent disability is a life-turning disease that can change a person’s whole life within moments, leaving one in a painful situation.

Hence, if you or a beloved one of yours is a sufferer, then apply for getting the benefits by following the above-listed things. The faster you will apply, the more quickly it will help you to ease your challenging situation by making you free from any student loans.



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