Why Do You Need a Construction Accident Lawyer after an Accident?

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Nowadays, construction site accident is so common. In most cases, the reason is negligence. And people become overwhelmed about what to do after an accident occurs.

Again, several questions arise, such as what will be the next step or whether you hire a construction lawyer. In this regard, this blog is all about. Especially if you are living in Red Deer, Canada, it will be helpful for you.

In this article, you’ll know when to hire a Red Deer construction lawyer and what benefits a lawyer can bring to your case.

Let’s start.

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Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents

Several causes can create an accident in construction sites.  A construction site always poses risks for workers and other people. In a construction environment, there are many limbs and lives involved. And due to its changing nature, it is highly prone to accidents.

Some reasons for construction accidents include:

  • Lack of safety
  • Lack of seriousness about security
  • Deficiency of safety equipment
  • Poor supervision system
  • Less experienced worker
  • Disobey safety rules and regulations

What are the Types of Construction Site Accident Claims and Lawsuits?

Somehow, if you are injured on a construction site, you have the right to sue. You can claim a case with the help of your lawyer.

Below are some ways you can file a case:

Workers’ Compensation:

In most cases, an injured employee will not sue their company since they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. A worker seeking workers’ compensation payments must only show that an injury happened, regardless of the circumstances.

The worker will be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if the claim is accepted. To maximize cost recovery, workers’ compensation claims can be combined with claims against third parties.

Personal Damage:

A worker must prove that a third party was irresponsible and that this negligence caused their injury in a personal injury claim.

Product Liability:

If a defective product causes harm, the affected party can file a lawsuit against any entity in the distribution chain.

Suppose a ladder on a building site fails due to a flaw and injures someone. In that case, the affected individual may seek compensation from the retailer, distributor, manufacturer, or any other entity in the distribution chain.

Wrongful Death:

If an employee is killed on the worksite, their family may be eligible to file a wrongful death suit on behalf of their loved one. Multiple claims may be brought at the same time in some instances.

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What Should I Do If I’ve Been in a Construction Accident?

Face construction accident? Get lots of injuries? This situation is a tough time. You don’t need to worry. Rather, you should take some steps for yourself. It can be helpful for you.

Well, the construction site is such a dangerous place. So, you have no idea what will happen next moment. When you go over any construction site or work any construction area. Then you have to be careful. This place can be a danger to your life.

However, let’s discuss what you should do when you have been in a construction accident.

  • Get treatment as soon as possible.
  • Report for your injury and take legal action.
  • Collect all information about who your witness is.
  • Take a picture of your injuries.
  • Contact a lawyer who can help you and tell you about all information.

Why Do You Need a Construction Accident Lawyer after an Accident?

Under employee benefits and rights, a construction worker can bring a civil lawsuit against an at-fault party for negligence. The worker’s compensation and its supporting regulations, i.e. Workers Compensation Board (WCB), govern the process.

Under Section 21 of the Workers’ Compensation Act, an injured WCB covered employee may be barred from pursuing a civil lawsuit against another WCB insured employee or a WCB insured company.

Hence, to file a civil case against an at-fault party for negligence, the at-fault party must not have been a WCB covered employee or employer at the time of the negligence.

An example is a worker’s compensation-covered worker who was hurt on the job. The Workers’ Compensation Act might ban a civil lawsuit if the carelessness for the injury was committed through a WCB insured employer or a WCB insured employee.

However, suppose the negligent person who caused the WCB covered employee’s injuries was not a WCB insured individual or organization at the time of the occurrence. In that case, the injured employee may file a legal action against the liable side.

What is the Approximate Compensation You are Entitled to?

When you have faced a construction site accident and will be harmed, compensation is your right. Maybe compensation can not heal your harm, but it can give you support. That’s why the compensation rate depends on your injury or harm.

Some construction accident matter is solved before going to court. While others directly go to court when both parties do not agree on each other opinions. So, the situation depends on both parties (victim and liable party) mood.

Here has one thing, victims can’t demand too much compensation. It means the victim can request depending on their harm. And if prove liable person fault then they have to pay the compensation.

The victim can claim approximate compensation for some matters. Such as—

  • Medical expense
  • Traveling cost
  • Medicines cost
  • Compensation for income lose

If the victim has a major injury, long-term medical costs can also be included in the compensation.

How Can Construction Site Accident Lawyers Help You?

A lawyer is a helping hand who can give you justice. A lawyer has the experience, knowledge about this matter and knows how to handle the case. Also, a lawyer collects the correct and suitable information to strengthen your case.

Overall a lawyer can help in the following ways after an accident:

  • Calculate hospital bills, medical fees, and rehabilitation costs related to your injuries’ treatment
  • Ensure compensation for lost earnings due to being out of work for an injury and reduced earning ability in the future.
  • Help you in emotional discomforts as a result of your major injury.
  • Claim compensation to reduce future suffering, pain, as well as a shorter life expectancy.


Generally, an accident may happen any time anywhere. You have no idea which is the most challenging time for you. So, you have to prepare yourself. At Reddeer construction accident lawyer can help you in this regard.

A construction accident that occurred from negligence can change your whole life. So, you should be alert and aware. Otherwise, your mistake and other person’s negligence can change your entire life.

FAQ (Frequently Ask Question)

Why Should I Contact a Construction Accident Lawyer?

You need a construction lawyer if the accident occurs due to others. Somehow, when you have suffered an injury by a construction site accident, you should claim against the liable party.

So a lawyer can help you fight against the construction owner, sub-contractor, general contractor, and other third parties responsible for an accident.

Overall, a constructor accident lawyer can help you solve your problem and represent your case with correct information in court after an accident.

Who can be held liable for construction accident injuries?

Most construction accident happens of negligence either by the owner or workers. Whoever the person, the main point is it’s all about negligence. So the court will judge the case and decide the party at fault under several inspections.



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