Burn Injury Lawyers

Burn Injury Lawyers

Are you a victim of a burn incident? Do you have burn injuries and an overwhelming medical bill? Did you lose your income source or perhaps, have permanent scarring or disability as a result? In any case of burn injuries, it is essential you consult a burn injury lawyer. In this article, we will discuss […]

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Disability Income Tax

Are Your Long Term Disability Benefits Taxable or Non-taxable in Canada

Long term disability insurance policies are always there for you in Canada. Whenever you need them in your hard times, they will support you cordially. But yes, you have to pay a fixed amount for tax on your insurance benefits in some cases. In some cases, it might be free. In the following sections of […]

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Is Depression a Disability

Is Depression a Disability in Canada?

Depression is known as one kind of negative mental state. It destroys people from inside and outside both. It is considered as one kind of mental illness. This is not a problem of a particular country. People all over the world are facing this illness. Depression is a disease, and there’s no chance to give […]

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