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Truck Accidents

Getting into an accident with a commercial cargo truck, 18-wheeler, or construction vehicle can be both personally and financially devastating. Usually, passenger cars and their occupants don’t stand much of a chance against these bigger, heavier vehicles. The resulting injuries can be life-altering and can put significant personal and financial strains upon the victims. It can be semi truck accident, large truck accident in this issue.

These cases can also be some of the most complex and difficult personal injury cases. They aren’t good cases for new lawyers, because they require an intensive understanding of the many factors which can impact such a case. It’s wise to retain an experienced truck accidents lawyer as soon as you’re medically capable of doing so.

Truck Accidents Case Complications

These cases require better representation because they typically involve higher dollar amounts than the average car accident case. They also tend to involve corporations who want to protect their bottom line. They’ll fight harder than the average driver’s insurance company to keep from having to pay for the accident.

The second complication is that there are a lot more points of failure involved in truck accidents. It’s not a simple matter of what each driver did. The driver of a truck is operating a much larger, heavier vehicle. They’re held to higher standards, and are bound by more laws.

This means you want a lawyer who knows the right questions to ask and what evidence to pursue.

For example, trucking companies have an obligation to perform reasonable background checks on their employees to discover a history of drug or alcohol abuse. They’re also required to give their employees adequate training. If they’ve failed in these duties a good trucking lawyer can find that information and use it to your advantage.

Canadian law only allows truckers to be on the road for 70 consecutive hours before they must take a 14-hour break. Yet many companies overwork their drivers and force them to choose between the law and their jobs. Driving tired is more dangerous than driving drunk.

When these companies fail in their duties you should be able to recover punitive damages in addition to compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost income and earning capacity.

Get Representation Now

The sooner you get representation the better your case outcome is likely to be. In the best possible world, you’ll get representation as soon as you’re medically capable of doing so. The trucking company already has a head start as it is likely you were too injured directly after the accident to start gathering evidence or snapping photos.

You don’t need any money to get started. We work on contingency and you can get a consultation. You’ll sit down with one of our experienced lawyers and we’ll go over the facts of the case together. We’ll determine whether you have a strong claim and help you understand what your next steps should be.

Just call (403) 269-7777 to set your appointment. You’re in the middle of a tough, frightening time. Let us help you navigate it, and let us help you get the compensation you deserve.



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