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Car Accidents

Car accidents may be the most common kind of personal injury case, but that doesn’t make them simple. In reality, a car accident case can get very complex very quickly and car accidents lawyer can help you in this issue.

Why do these cases get so complicated? Alberta has a fault-based insurance system.

That means you can get compensation from the other driver as long as they were at least 51% at-fault for the accident. This means the other driver, and the other driver’s insurance company has an interest in pinning as much blame on you for the accident as possible because your award amount will be slashed by the percentage of fault that’s assigned to you even if you do win your case.

Insurance companies will often engage in other tricks to avoid paying, too. They may try to get you to make statements that make it easier for them to blame you for the accident. They may try to get you to take a lowball settlement and insist you sign documents that keep you from suing.

If you’ve been severely injured you can’t afford to fall prey to these tactics. You will have medical bills above and beyond what Medicare will pay for. There’s a good chance you’ll miss work, or will lose your ability to work at all.

It’s in your best interest to get help from a qualified car crash lawyer as soon as you are medically capable of doing so.

Steps to Take After Car Accidents

The steps you take immediately after car accidents can have a big impact on your case.

  1. Call the police and get you and your car to safety if you can.
  2. Exchange insurance information with the other driver.
  3. Avoid statements like, “I’m sorry,” or “I’m okay.” They can be used against you later.
  4. Call the police, but be circumspect as you give your statement.
  5. Get medical attention, even if you aren’t sure you need it. Some injuries don’t present with symptoms until later. Refusing medical attention blurs the line of causality, and leaves a door open for the insurance company to claim your injury came from a different source.

Finally, get an auto accident lawyer as soon as you’re medically capable of doing so. You don’t have to wait. We can file the appropriate insurance claims for you and can protect you from the insurance company’s dirtiest tricks. We can help you prepare to get the settlement you deserve.

Most people take home up to ten times more money with lawyer help than they could ever get on their own. In our experience, our clients have needed every penny of that compensation to put their lives back in order after a major accident. Don’t be without the representation you need during this tough time in your life.

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