How to Claim in a Single-Vehicle Accident?

How to Claim in a Single-Vehicle Accident?

Claiming in a vehicle accident is difficult, let alone single-vehicle accidents. Let me explain to you what a single-vehicle accident is? What are the causes behind it? How to Claim in a Single-Vehicle Accident?

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What is a Single-vehicle Accident?

When a vehicle is in an accident alone, it is a single-vehicle accident. That is when someone gets into an accident that does not involve another car is a single-vehicle accident. Several issues might lead you to an accident like this. I will discuss them as much as possible.

Claim a single vehicle accident

Causes Behind a Single-Vehicle Accident

Slicky Road

Sometimes, roads and driveways are covered with oil or water. They create a puddle, and when you are in the driver’s seat, these transparent puddles are not very visible. You might run over them.

If you drive a truck, these things don’t matter because they have tires with grip. However, if you are driving a fancy car, they do matter. Because car tires usually don’t have a grasp like a truck tire. You may lose control and end up in an accident.

Uneven Sunlight

There are specific times when the sunlight can be an issue, like during dusk or dawn. The blazing sunlight can make it difficult for you to look straight through it.

Thus, it can lead you to an accident. However, it is best not to claim it all on sunlight. As no matter what, you are responsible for your driving. Hence, be careful.

A Road Cavity

It is the most common reason for Single-Car accidents. Road cavities are the bumps or wholes on the roads. If you are a bit careful, you can avoid these accidents. You can see these cavities clearly from your driving seat.

Thus, if you concentrate on your driving, you are not likely to get into these accidents. So keep your eyes on the roads while driving!

Technical Issues

Make sure your car or whichever vehicle you are driving is in healthy shape before leaving home. Sometimes, if there is something wrong with your brake or steering, it is not very visible. So you have to check thoroughly.

Only then will you realize that something is wrong with your car. Unfortunately, it may happen that you have reviewed, but the problem wasn’t visible to your bare eyes. Even though your attention was on the road, you might end up in an accident if something like this happens.

The Sudden Appearance of Animals

It might sound a bit silly, but this is true. While you drive suddenly, a cat or dog might appear on your way. Naturally, you will try to save the poor creature, and in the process, you will have to take a sudden break.

That might cause a Single-Car Accident. The same might happen if suddenly a flying bird comes and sits on your glass while you are driving.

You might startle and pull a sudden move which might end in an accident. Thus, in situations like this, it is best to stay calm.

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How to Claim in a Single-Vehicle Accident?

There are two types of car insurance: I) Comprehensive and II) Collision. Make sure you get both kinds of Car insurance. It is the same for all the other vehicles as well. So you must have both insurances.

That is because when an accident involves two cars, you can claim your comprehensive insurance. However, if the accident is a single-car accident, you will not get insurance unless you have collision insurance.

That’s because, in a Single-Car Accident, it is always the driver’s fault. If it were another way around, the lawyer and the insurance company would prove that it was the other party’s fault.

When it is a Single -Vehicle Accident, there is no one but the driver to be blamed. Thus, if you have your collision insurance, you can claim it if something unfortunate happens.

Will the Cost of My Insurance Increase?

Unless you have a lengthy, claim-free history, you will probably have to pay more for insurance the next time you renew or purchase it if you are more than 25% at fault for an accident. Any premiums, if you are a listed driver, may also be affected. Any optional insurance you may have, such as collision insurance, may also increase in price. In general, your insurance costs will increase the more accidents you cause.

You must be less than six weeks out from your insurance renewal, which is when you receive your insurance renewal reminder, in order to receive an accurate estimate of how your premiums may change following a crash.

Single-Vehicle Accident and ICBC Coverage

ICBC is mandatory for people who reside in British Columbia. This insurance takes care of the physical forfeits of the car from a Single-Vehicle Accident.

However, if the forfeits from the accident are minor, do not wait for the insurance to cover that. It is best if you take care of it. For example, if you have ICBC insurance, you need to have part seven facilities. Otherwise, you will not get medical facilities.

If you were not the driver while the Single-Vehicle Accident took place, you could sue the driver even if the driver was someone close to you. I know these things can get dirty, but that’s when all these insurances become helpful.

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Who Is at Fault in a Single-vehicle Accident?

Eight out of ten times, it is the driver’s fault. However, it is sporadic that the roads make the accident inevitable or the vehicle had a hidden issue. That’s because streets maintain specific protocol so do the cars.

What do I do If I get in a Single-car Accident?

Make sure you have collision insurance. Apart from that, call your insurance company to see what help they can offer. Finally, make sure you didn’t ruin any public or private property during this accident.

In that case, inform your lawyer. If anyone in the passenger’s seat, try to settle the matter before someone sues you. Like you can offer his medical bills on your own.

Does a Single-car Accident Raise Your Insurance?

It is a tricky one. Your insurance rates will go up if a single-car accident damages someone’s property. However, it will not be affected if the collision was for a sudden animal’s appearance. Or something fell as you were near construction.

What Should You Not Say to Your Insurance Company After an Accident?

The first thing is taking time before describing to them what happened. You might feel confused right after the accident because of shock. That is why take your time.

Also, don’t say things like, “It was an honest mistake.” Describe what happened generally. Make sure you are not to blame in that description. Don’t declare you are uninjured unless you are 100% sure.

Discussing with your attorney before agreeing to settle is a must. Make sure your insurance company never gets access to your medical records. That is because they will try to find a previous medical condition and not decline the insurance payment.

Last but not least, do not share the name of the people you are consulting. Example: a cousin, doctor, or attorney.

Is Hitting a Curb Considered an Accident?

It depends on the magnitude. Usually, curb-hitting isn’t that big a deal. However, if the hitting goes out of control, it can cause extensive damages.

Although if you don’t have collision insurance, you will not get any support. Therefore, as I have mentioned earlier, contact both the collision and comprehensive insurance for your car.

How Long Until a Car Accident is off Your Record?

It depends on the seriousness of the accident. If the accident was minor and this was the first time in your life, you might be offered forgiveness.

Thus, there will remain no record. If the accident is a little but not the first time, it will take three years. For a hit-and-run or driving under the influence case, it will take ten years.

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Final Words

These single-vehicle accidents are more complicated business than they seem. Thus, you should always be very careful while driving and try not to cause one.

However, if you, unfortunately, become part of one, you know now how to Claim a Single-Vehicle Accident. Always remember it is better to have precautions.



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