Dog Bite Lawyer | Why You Need One in Canada

Dog Bite Lawyer | Why You Need One in Canada

Man’s best companion is a dog. They’re loyal, loving, and, in most cases, pleasant animals who become a part of our family and bring us endless delight.

But what if you or any of your family members suffer a dog bite from someone elses dog and vice versa? This is where the dog owner’s liability act comes into play. And a dog bite lawyer can help you in this regard.

Let’s know what laws say about it and why you need a lawyer to claim compensation.

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When to Seek Lawyer after a Dog Bite

When it comes to dog bites in Canada, the sufferer can settle the issue outside of the legal system or go to court. However, what if the owner denies paying the compensation for the injury caused by his dog?

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan, or OHIP, pays for a large portion of your first medical expenses after a personal injury in Ontario. However, OHIP does not cover some expenses, such as medications, caregiver costs, long-term expenses, or lost wages while you are recovering.

By default, the dog’s owner is accountable for the dog’s behaviour in the event of an animal or dog bite. A personal injury claim will most likely be compensated through their homeowner’s insurance if they are a homeowner.

If they do not have coverage, or if the animal bite occurred from a wild dog, you would have to count on your insurance plan for compensation if you have one.

In this regard, contacting a personal injury lawyer is the best approach to learn what compensation is deserved and how to collect it. An experienced personal injury lawyer can assess where you could get the compensation from, ensuring that your records are in place, that you are receiving an appropriate payment amount, and the settlement offer is reasonable.

Dog Bite Laws in Canada

Thousands of humans are expected to be bitten by hazardous dogs each year in Canada alone. Even more concerning is that the majority of the incidents involve youngsters below ten. As a result, we must continually alert for vicious dogs in our area.

Dog bites cause complications for both the victim and the owner. We’ve compiled a list of concerns that the law on dog bites on private property includes in Canada.


The most common sort of injury sustained by a victim of a dog attack is a permanent bite. Scratches and knockdowns are two different sorts of injuries.

Medical expenses

It may be costly to seek treatment for a dog bite. Vaccines, diagnostics, and professional expenses could be included in the payments. If the dog owner has pet insurance, you may be able to recover some of your costs.

Pain and suffering

After the horrific encounter, the sufferer may undergo emotional damage.

Injuries from a dog bite

Dog bites result in several dangers that include:


Sepsis, a severe infection reaction, can result from leaving animal bites untreated. It could even result in death if not handled. High or low blood pressure, bewilderment, intense daytime sleepiness, and significant pain or discomfort are signs of this condition.


Tetanus can be transmitted to humans through dog bites. Jaw cramps, muscle spasms, trouble swallowing, and muscle rigidity are all symptoms of tetanus.


Rabies is a dog illness that you can get after being bitten by a dog that has rabies. Fever, headache, weakness, and stinging or itchiness around the bite region are all early symptoms of rabies in humans. If you notice any of these symptoms after being bitten, get medical attention right away.


Capnocytophaga is another infection spread by dog bites. If left untreated, this infection might result in kidney failure, heart stroke, or gangrene.

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3 Must-Have Things to Do After a Dog Bite

It is critical to get medical assistance as soon as possible after a dog bite since it can result in severe damage and infection.

After that, you must contact a personal injury lawyer after being treated to see if you’re qualified for compensation for your injury-related expenses. How you perform these actions will be determined by the magnitude of your wounds and other considerations. In an unexpected dog attack or bite, this generalized checklist may come in handy.

Following are some simple steps to follow if a dog has bitten you:

Immediate medical treatment

Injuries sustained from dog bites can be life-threatening. Thus, it’s critical to get bite victims to the hospital as soon as possible, especially if they’re children.

Infection, bodily harm, and rabies are possibilities when a dog bites you. Doctors’ can diagnose, and nurse statements can aid your case. Also, medical professionals can photograph your wounds for documentation.

Accumulate evidence for compensation

Before leaving the incident scene, get the dog’s owner’s contact information. If you are unable to do so at the time, have someone else gather the contact information of witnesses on your behalf.

Inquire about the dog’s identity since all dogs should be licensed and leashed. You should also prove you were not on the owner’s property to commit a crime. And it also matters that you did not intend to harm the dog that could have caused the bite.

Seek a dog bite lawyer

A professional dog bite lawyer will assist you in documenting your injuries and estimating future costs so that you receive the full reimbursement you are entitled to.


It’s terrible to be attacked by a wild animal out of the blue. It can strike without warning and leave you with life-altering injuries. It has the potential to affect your family members, including your children. There is a risk of serious injury and sickness regardless of whether the animal has been mistreated, violent, or wild.

Following a dog bite occurrence, the first and most important thing is getting medical help. After you’ve recovered, you should hire the best dog bite lawyer to help you maximize your compensation.

Remember that when dealing with legal concerns, always engage a lawyer to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation.


What happens if my dog bites someone in Canada?

If your dog bites a person or their animal, you will be held accountable. In this situation, the first thing to do is to restrain your dog while attending to the victim. If necessary, summon an ambulance and, if possible, render first aid. Give the victim your contact information and cooperate.

If a dog bites a child does it have to be put down in Canada?

Dogs don’t usually bite another person if it’s domestic and taken well care of. However, dogs biting children might be a common scenario in Canada. You don’t have to put your dog down right away if this happens. But you should definitely consult a lawyer about this.

Do I need a lawyer for a dog bite?

Yes, you may need to employ a dog bite attorney if your dog bites another person or if another person’s dog wounded you or your pet.

What are the Laws About Dog Bites in Canada?

The Dog Owners’ Liability Act was passed in 1990. If a dog bites or assaults someone or another domestic animal, this law tries to hold the dog owner accountable for the damages.

How much does a dog bite lawyer cost?

To begin with, the typical costs of collecting evidence and arranging for specific medical-legal consultations are less than $2,000 in most cases. Second, depositions normally cost $500 to $1,000 for every lay witness if a matter is actively litigated rather than being on the settlement track.



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