Is Depression a Disability in Canada?

Is Depression a Disability

Depression is known as one kind of negative mental state. It destroys people from inside and outside both. It is considered as one kind of mental illness. This is not a problem of a particular country. People all over the world are facing this illness.

Depression is a disease, and there’s no chance to give it a doubt not being a disease. There are so many people around who refuse to accept it as a disease. Maybe this is due to their lack of knowledge or their ignorance toward this problem. If you live in Canada, you should think yourself lucky because the Canadian government is concerned about the citizens’ mental state and their wee-being.

Canada Revenue Agency has recognized depression as one kind of disability. This recognition was remarkable and praiseworthy because depression genuinely makes people disable to do any work. Before stepping into depth, let’s get a clear idea of what depression is.

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What is Depression?

Depression is a medically recognized mental state that causes hormonal disbalance inside a human body and generates many internal and external problems. However, this term was coined long before people have less knowledge about it. At present, this is the most sensational mental illness all around the world.

Is Depression a Disability in Canada?

Yes. In Canada, all organizations that offer disability benefits acknowledge depression as a disability. It is a condition for which benefits may be available.

However, a diagnosis by itself won’t make you eligible.

People who can show their conditions prevent them from working are given rewards by the providers. The degree of your symptoms is a key consideration for physicians when evaluating claims for depression. They will take into account your prior medical care as well as your anticipated future care. They consider how your illnesses impact your work as well as how reluctantly you tried to continue working.

All of this must be supported by paperwork, such as medical documents, that is submitted with your claim.

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Depression and Disability

Disability is the term that is used to indicate not being able to do something. Significantly fewer people have an idea about its negative strength. It can lead a person to suicide. Is mental illness a disability? Can you even imagine how dangerous it is? A depressed person does not get the confidence to do anything. When they are depressed, most people try to hide away themselves from any social interaction. An individual without any physical injury, with this type of mental state, would you consider him/her healthy? Able to do anything? A perfect human being?

Never, this kind of mental state makes people disabled from inside from the depth of their mind. So, the question may arise what the disability for depression is? Nobody ever loves this kind of mental state. To overcome depression, you have to learn the signs that will help to confirm that you are not mentally okay. Let’s have a look at some of them. If you notice them inside you for about more than two weeks, please try to get help.

Being Sad All the Time

Being sad all the time is a sign of depression. It makes an individual dead from inside and neutral in response to happy events. This persistent sadness makes an individual numb, who fails to taste any feelings except sadness. This external feeling creates a huge impact on internal hormonal balance and stops the flow of dopamine, which means a permanent seal on the flow of happy hormones.

Losing Hopes

Hope is the most significant thing that keeps a human being alive. It guides our human life to achieve goals and keep working to achieve them. When a person becomes hopeless, it’s quite challenging for them to find the meaning of staying alive. Hopelessness is another sign of depression.

Anxiety Attack

We all are more or less acquainted with the term “anxiety attack” in this present age”. When individuals feel depressed, they keep getting this anxiety attack again and again in every issue. It creates an unstable mental condition inside them.

Going Through Insomnia

Insomnia is a sign of depression if you are not keeping late nights due to workloads. A depressed person faces sleeping issues, whether it is in the daytime or at night. This problem drastically affects their physical health by changing weight and making the skin look pale.

Difficulties with Memory

Depression keeps an individual away from concentrating on something, and they can not remember things easily. These memory problems create an unnatural behavior inside them.

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Aid for Depressed People in Canada

The term “depression” is still not well accepted in so many countries of our country. They refuse to accept it as a mental illness. To them, it is just a self-made mental illusion. Canadian government’s step to provide help for depressed people is undoubtedly a great decision for humankind. Depression is so toxic that it kills all the motivation and confidence from an individuals’ life.

It makes them doubtful about their own ability by creating a serious insecurity and identity crisis. In this condition, we can’t even imagine an individual doing his daily work. It is not like a depressed person has less basic needs than a normal person. They have the right to get everything, but this depression makes them disable to pursue them by themselves. To meet all the basic human needs, the Canadian government provides disability tax credit, and the amount of this credit is quite handsome. The money was decided to be around $35000, but it can vary depending on the situation.

There are some examples of such cases where the amount was up to $40000. But before getting this benefit, you have to prove yourself eligible to get the disability tax credit. In this procedure, all the documents will be examined by official disability consultants, and the medical certificates must increase the value of your claim. They offer financial help and take the responsibility to recover the person from this darkness of depression by providing proper medical help. It aims to help the depressed person to come back to a normal life.

Final words

If you ever find yourself or someone close to you into this kind of mental illness, never hesitate to take medical help. Though only medical help is not enough to overcome this illness, a positive environment must ensure proper help if the problem is extreme. Never doubt your decision to apply for disability benefits.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Depression?

It is a mental illness that slowly makes a person mentally far away from everything.

Can Depression Be Cured?

Depression can be cured with proper medical help and a positive surrounding.

Is There Any Tax Credit for Depressed People in Canada?

Though depression is still considered a social stigma in many areas, thanks to the Canadian government for recognizing it and giving disability tax credit for depressed people.

Why Depression Is a Disability?

It is a disability because it kills a person mentally, and with this kind of mental state, it is never possible to continue basic daily work.

What is the Most Hopeless Thought in Our Society about Depression?

There is nothing called “depression”. It is just a social stigma.

What is the Amount of Depressional Disability Tax Credit in Canada?

It was designed to be up to $35,000, but it can also be almost $40,000 depending on the severity of the case.



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