Are Your Long Term Disability Benefits Taxable or Non-taxable in Canada

Disability Income Tax

Long term disability insurance policies are always there for you in Canada. Whenever you need them in your hard times, they will support you cordially. But yes, you have to pay a fixed amount for tax on your insurance benefits in some cases.

In some cases, it might be free. In the following sections of this article, you will learn the details about whether long term disability income taxable in Canada or not. So, let’s move onward.

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What is Long Term Disability?

Being a legal term, long-term disability is usually used in long-term insurance policies. The term mostly includes the criteria to possess the capability for paying benefits under this long term disability insurance policy.

Such as, you will be considered eligible for long term disability only when you are physically disabled to join your works. It would help if you contained physical signs so that others can understand your physical vulnerability to be considered as a disabled person.

Necessarily, your injuries must be long-lasting. More specifically, it should be lasting for at least three months.

What is Long Term Disability Insurance?

Long term disability insurance is a kind of insurance policy that makes you tension-free at your dangerous time. That means when you become physically injured and, as a result, can not join your regular works, you probably rush into a great disappointment for not getting your regular income or wages.

Long term disability insurance policy assures you in getting your income at that time. They provide you with handsome financial support replacing your income. The long term disability is excellent support, you can say in your bad times. The insurance will provide you economic support as long as you are considered physically disable to rejoin or back to your works.

Normally, these insurance policies people buy in groups like in a business. Some partners buy a policy in a group. It is also available individually, but that is rare. Only self-employed business people can buy a long term disability insurance policy individually.

What is the Difference between Short and Long Term Disability Insurance?

You already know at least something about long term disability insurance. Besides this, a short-term disability insurance policy is also there for injured people for a short period. Unfortunately, people often get confused about the long term and short-term disability in Canada.

Unlike the long-term disability insurance policy, a short-term disability insurance policy provides financial support in your hard times only up to six months, not more than that. It depends on your short-term sickness, which makes you eligible for this insurance benefit.

Learn from your employers whether they have bought a short-term disability insurance policy or not. If yes, then you can apply for the benefits. If not, we feel sorry for you then.

What are the Benefits of Long Term Disability?

The main benefit of long-term disability insurance is that it pays payments to eligible people per month. The payment depends upon the salary of the victim.

To get this benefit, you must fulfill the criteria for the employment system or the physical disability. In addition, you must have bodily injuries that might cause you not to join your works for a long period, thus disabling. And of course, there are some criteria for your employment and salary system for this insurance policy. For example, you must be included in a group that has already bought this long term disability insurance policy for the future.

After your injury, you first need to apply for such insurance for help. Then, the insurance company will examine your claims and your evidence of injuries for the time being. And finally, they will decide whether you are eligible for this benefit or not. If you are eligible, they will send you monthly payments until you start working.

The insurance policy might vary from state to state, province to province.

Is Long Term Disability Income Taxable in Canada?

It is one of the most common questions about disability income tax, whether taxable. People not only search for long term disability insurance tax plans. Rather they also want to know about short-term insurance, but e. g. is also short-term disability taxable or not.

Actually, both short-term and long-term disability income taxable in Canada whenever you file your own income tax returns per year. Until 2015, tax in Canada required that when the insurance income is issued for you, no tax will be deducted. Rather, it would be counted annually.

But in 2015, the requirements have been modified. Now, whenever you are issued with income, the tax will be added accordingly. Taxable benefit meaning mostly ensures you about your payable taxes as per your income and benefits. You had enjoyed replacing your income when you were disabled—for example, fair market value, business policy etc.

There are also non-taxable benefits in Canada on some specific factors such as retirement plans, normal Medicare etc. For these benefits, you will get the service free of tax or, in some cases, with partial taxes, which is too little in amount.

Employer-Paid Premiums are One of The Taxable Benefits

Generally, regardless of the form it takes, the pay you get from your employer is subject to taxation. That obviously includes your pay or salary, but it can also include things like special bonuses, lodging, and even parking given by the employer.

Some forms of compensation, nevertheless, are not counted toward your income. The fact that you are not taxed on the sum your employer pays to protect you under a group long-term disability insurance policy is most relevant in this situation.

But there is a cost associated with that exclusion. While you are exempt from paying taxes on the premiums your employer pays, in the case that you become disabled, you will often have to pay taxes on any benefits you receive under that policy.

How Does Long Term Disability Insurance Work?

We have already discussed that for getting long-term disability insurance benefits. You must be eligible by providing sufficient evidence of your physical injuries that make you disable for a long time. Moreover, it would help if you were covered or included in a group insurance policy or an individual insurance policy purchased earlier.

Group insurance policy serves so many purposes at a time. Like, if you are covered under a group long-term disability insurance policy, you will enjoy short-term disability insurance benefits, medical facilities and many more.

Individual insurance policy is less popular than group policies. So you need to purchase your own insurance policy directly from the broker. And you can buy it safely when you are a sad employed businessman. Otherwise, it’s a bit tough to handle.


So, we conclude our discussion here. Probably you have got your desired answer to the question is long term disability income taxable in Canada or not. Simply, the answer is yes, and for details, you have the entire article at your hand. We highly suggest you be covered under a group disability insurance policy instead of an individual one.

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