Personal Injury Cases and Its Outcomes


If you are looking for an idea about personal injury cases and their outcomes you should read this article. Accidents are common. But how do you just let it be when it comes to pain, injury, and more tragically, the physical loss of yourself or a loved one? You will have to work yourself to protect your rights after suffering from these injuries. As such, questions such as what is considered a personal injury case may come to your mind.

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What is considered a personal injury case?

Cases of personal injury are disputes that result from one person suffering injury or harm because of the entire legal responsibility of another who has caused that injury or damage. The insurance company of the one who is responsible usually pays the injured. The compensation may be coming in the form of medical bills, paying for the injured person’s pain and suffering, and all entailing.

How does it formalize?

According to personal injury law or tort law, an injured person has the right to be compensated by anyone who has wrongfully harmed him. However, such a case does not automatically translate to legal liability.

Such a case may be formalized through a personal injury lawyer. He will represent you in the court proceedings. Through judgment, the court sessions will decide if it is the legal fault of the accused. But it is more common that instead of being formalized through a lawsuit, these cases are usually settled informally after the dispute.

Types of personal injury case

Personal injury may result from any incident. However, these are the most common claims.

Car Accident

Most personal injury cases result from car accidents. Accidents usually occur when people aren’t paying attention to their driving or not following road safety rules. A careless driver may be held responsible for the financial claims of the injured. There are exceptions, such as the no-fault state. It may result in the drivers collecting cash from their insurers.


Making false statements about a person that harms his reputation, in the form of slanders and libels makeup defamation. The accused needs to compensate depends on who the plaintiff was and on which platform the defaming statements were made.

Regularly, a person needs to show what financial losses he suffered due to the false statements being made against him. Public figures or those who we call celebrities to need to prove the defaming point, whether untrue or true, negative or not, before they seek compensation for financial losses. They need to prove whether they were accused of the actual malice deliberately or without knowing what is true.

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Medical Malpractice

If a doctor, nurse, or any other medical professional provides healthcare below the standard, with disregard to his practices, and any patient is injured for his irresponsibility, it is called personal injury through medical malpractice.

But if the patient already had declining health and whatever he suffered was due to his illness and not for the treatment, this will not be termed as medical malpractice. Bad results from an operation aren’t malpractice, but not giving effort enough or care enough to treat the patient, following the medical standards if faulty. It would help if you learned about the fine line before making claims.

Dog Bites

If a dog bites or injures you, the owner of the dog is responsible for his misdeed. The responsibilities of the dog owner again vary from province to province. In some states, if the dog has had no previous propensity to bite, but did it this one time, owners are still liable to compensate.

In other cases, the owner is held responsible if his dog had previously shown such signs of aggressiveness. With a previous history of bites, the dog owners are liable for the personal injury you may go through for the dog.

Slip and Fall

Landowners have some legal duties to meet so that when people are on the property, they are not harmed or injured. The responsibility again varies between provinces. Not all kinds of injuries lead to legal liability on the part of the owner. But he needs to keep the premises safe and secure as a basic measure.

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Intentionally harming a person and injuring them on purpose due to personal vendetta isn’t a result of carelessness, as could be said for all of the cases above. This kind of torts may involve added criminal cases from the injurer.

For physically charging or attacking a person, the attacker may face criminal charges besides being filed against for personal injury claims. You should read in detail about intentional torts if you have been subject to such a situation.

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Outcomes of Claims

Usually, there are 2 kinds of outcomes in such cases,

1. A formal lawsuit

This is when the plaintiff or the injured files a complaint against the defendant in a civil court, be it a person, organization, agency, or group—their carelessness and negligence back this in connection with the incident. The plaintiff files the lawsuit. This is different from criminal cases, where the government initiates the charges.

2. An informal settlement

Before such incidents go to court, these are usually resolved between the persons in the accident. The two parties typically negotiate with each other and make a written agreement to pay off the injuries financially.


You are now aware of what is considered a personal injury case, what its types and outcomes are. However, there are some limitations statutes. For example, plaintiffs have to file the complaint within a limited time, after which it will be disregarded.

Once the lawsuit starts, you are no longer time-bound. These statues vary with the type and place of injury. Consult your lawyer for a better understanding of the statutes and their limitations. Personal injury cases and its outcomes, you need to know for your personal needs.




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