Questions to Ask Personal Injury Lawyer!

Questions to Ask Personal Injury Lawyer

The accident comes without any foretoken. It leaves the victim unprepared. No matter what it is a car crash or slip and fall, you can’t prepare for it immediately. Most of the victims get confused about what to do, how to proceed, etc. So, your first priority is questions to ask a personal injury lawyer about these matters.

Besides, accident cases involve a lot of decisions, considerations, and paperwork. It becomes difficult for the victim to make any decision quickly. On top of that, medical expenses and lost wages adds more frustration to the victim’s life.

Possibly, that’s the reason; the victim seeks a personal injury lawyer’s help. Before you hire a lawyer, there are some questions to ask a personal injury lawyer. These questions will help you understand whether the lawyer is suitable for your case.

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Questions to Ask Personal Injury Lawyer

The personal injury lawyer is someone with whom you’ll be working for long. So, it is essential to know if the lawyer can handle your case. Also, you should be comfortable working with that person.

A personal conversation can help you understand the lawyer better. It takes a lot of trusts when you are looking for someone to represent your legal cases. Hence, asking the right question can make the intimidating task of hiring people easier.

Moreover, it somehow related to the success of your case. The knowledge, experience, and motivation of the lawyer do matter in such cases. Below we’ve added a few questions in a random order to ask personal injury lawyers.

Keep reading to know about them.

   1. What Type of Law do You practice?

The most crucial factor to consider while talking to a lawyer is to know the lawyer’s area of experience. Ask the lawyer what type of law he/she practices. Similar to other professionals, lawyers are also specialized in certain types of cases.

In personal injury cases, there are different cases like a car accident, slip, and fall, wrongful death, etc. Potential lawyers know their limit best. Also, an honest lawyer will let you know about his area of experience. If you have a car accident case, know if the lawyer can do that.

   2. What are Certifications and Honors You Have Received?

In a rush, most people ignore the lawyer’s certifications. They are more focused on whether the lawyer can handle the case. It is justified that you ask about any specialized certifications and awards they’ve received.

You’ll agree that it takes time and hard work to achieve a prestigious honor. Also, only production work can bring honor to the lawyer. Some personal injury lawyers are a board-certified specialist who has earned the right to represent themselves.

   3. Do You Have Any Experience in Cases Like Mine?

Experience matters in legal cases. So, you should ask the lawyers about his/her experience in personal injury cases. Also, the lawyer should have overall law experience. Then, ask how many times they have represented cases like yours.

Real-world experience is somewhat different than subjective knowledge. So, the lawyer must have real experiences. Try your best to find a lawyer who has practiced similar cases.

  4. What is Your Success Rate for a Case Like Mine?

Though it seems trivial, you should still ask the lawyer about his/her success rate. A successful lawyer will have more win records. It may not determine if the lawyer is suitable for your case or not. Yet, how the lawyer answers will help you understand his/her confidence level.

   5. Was There Any Disciplinary Action Taken Against You?

It is worth knowing that whether any disciplinary action was taken against the lawyer. Such action will have an impact on the lawyer’s reputation. You should know if the lawyer is in good standing. How they answer this question will somewhat reflect their nature. Note how they explain it.

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   6. Who Else Will be Working on My Case?

Most often, a personal injury lawyer does not only work themselves. They work under a law firm where there is an experienced team. The team may include investigators, interns, and legal aides.

Ask the lawyer whether the lawyer will be working alone. Or, the lawyer will involve other persons. It is actually not bad. The lawyer does this for the client’s favor.

   7. What is Your Assessment of My Case?

It is evident that you expect substantial financial compensation as a victim. But, the accident cases differ from one another. Your case may not be potential enough to win. So, you should ask about your case.

The personal injury lawyers will assess your case objectively. They can talk about their chances. This is important, as it is baseless to proceed with a hopeless case.

   8. What is Your Preparation for My Case?

After assessing your case, the lawyer will certainly have some preparation in mins. Ask about the lawyer’s take and preparation for your case. Is the lawyer preparing to take the case to trial? Only the lawyer can tell what is necessary, settling or fighting?

   9. How Long does My Case will Take?

If you think the lawyer will only handle your case, you are wrong. Especially if the lawyer is successful, they will be handling hundreds of cases at a time. So, it will take time for any case, including yours.

Though no lawyer can tell you the exact date, still ask how long it will take. This question may force the lawyer to emphasize your case.

   10. What are Your Fees? Or do You Proceed with a Contingency Fee?

Some lawyer works on a contingency fee agreement. They take legal fees only when you are successful. If the lawyer work on a contingency fee, ask about the percentage they’ll take from the compensation.

Ask for any additional costs that they are about to include. This will help you decide whether you can afford it or not. Some personal injury lawyer also takes the court costs even before the case was dismissed.

   11. Are There Any Out-of-Pocket Fees I Have to Pay?

Even after the contingency fee agreement, there are many associated costs of the case. Some lawyer asks to pay this immediately, and others adjust the expense later. They sometimes cooperate with the victim based on their financial situation. So, ask your lawyer what they prefer!

   12. What’s My Role in The Case?

As a plaintiff, your role should be prominent in personal injury cases. Whether you won or lose, it starts long before you reach the courtroom. The lawyer may present your case to the judge. But, what makes it successful is the investigation, negotiation, and research that happens before. Ask your lawyer what your role in all these steps is. Also, where the lawyer is going to involve you.

   13. Who will be Responsible for Any Case-related Costs If I lose them?

Even after working on a contingency fee, some lawyers charge any case-related costs. Ask the lawyer who will pay all these costs if your personal injury lawsuit is not successful. Proceed only if you agree with their suggestion.

   14. Can I talk to Your Past Clients?

A personal injury lawyer is trustworthy only when their past client gives positive feedback. Ask your lawyer about any references from past clients. Talk to past clients as they can give you a clear picture of the lawyer. They can tell you how the lawyer handles all the situations related to accident cases.

   15. Why should I Work with You?

Lastly, it’s time to settle down on a decision. Whether you’ll work with the lawyer is depends on the lawyer’s interest. Ask the lawyer why you should work with him.

If the lawyer answers the question with interest, it means he/she will be dedicated to your case. It somehow shows the confidence, energy, and dedication does the lawyer has to make your cases successful.

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Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Along with loads of questions for your personal injury lawyer, a common question may come to your mind. It’s why I should hire a personal injury lawyer! Going through a car accident or slip and fall is always painful and frustrating. Things get worse when it all happens because of other’s fault.

In such cases, taking any legal action becomes difficult for a victim. The victim may not be able to understand how to negotiate or how to proceed. Also, there comes a lot of paperwork. Here a personal injury lawyer can help.

A personal injury lawyer is specialized in cases like yours. The lawyer can provide you the suggestion you need to win the case. Note that a lawyer who is experienced in this specific area can help you get maximum compensation.


Undoubtedly, the pain and financial loss after an injury is hard to bear. On top of that, it is difficult to find a good lawyer. Getting an inexperienced lawyer in such a situation adds more frustration. Thankfully, now you can find out a good lawyer with all the questions above.

You got all the essential questions to ask a personal injury lawyer. Be confident while asking these questions. How you interact with the lawyer does impact the success of your case.



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