Traumatic Brain Injury Claims & Settlements in AB: Things to Know

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In Alberta, injury cases are increasing over time. But, brain injury put people to live a difficult life, causing several complexities and complications.

And sadly, most people struggle to deal with the after-effects which eventually result in improper claims and settlements. So what is the appropriate way to claim traumatic brain injury claims and settlements in Alberta? And what need to consider before settling the case?

In the following part of the article, you will get all the answers related to traumatic brain injury. Before that, let’s clarify what a brain injury is.

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What is Considered a Brain Injury?

All brain injuries differ from other accidents. Additionally, you can be conscious or unconscious after an injury. On the other hand, these injuries can severely harm you.

There are different types of accidents that cause brain injuries. However, some serious causes are:

  1. Coma
  2. Trauma
  3. Major injury
  4. Shaken baby syndrome

Let’s see how these can affect your brain!


Sometimes, major brain injuries cause coma or unconsciousness. It can last for a few years or even minutes. Additionally, this period can result in many other severe brain injuries.


You might not be unconscious but still face brain injury. However, such cases can damage you temporarily or permanently. In other words, you can call this trauma.

Major injury

Major injuries are very different from minor injuries. Additionally, the settlements systems also differ because long-term injuries affect more than short-term ones.

Shaken baby syndrome

Many cases show that babies suffer from brain injuries. However, this causes by the blow of the baby’s brain. One common example is to shake a baby with a force that causes brain injury. Therefore, doctors suggest handling babies with care.

What are the Symptoms of a Brain Injury?

There are many symptoms of a brain injury. However, you need to figure out which category you belong to.

The first type of symptom is cognitive. Some cognitive symptoms are memory loss, speech difficulty, arousal problems, slow thought process, difficulty concentrating, etc.

The second type is mostly psychological. Some psychological symptoms include anxiety, depression, denial, sexual dysfunction, mood swings, aggressive behavior, isolation, etc.

The last type of symptom is physical symptoms. Physical symptoms are swelling, seizures, visual and hearing impairment, taste loss, bleeding, etc.

Brain Injury: Accident Benefits

In Alberta, brain injuries are not a case of negligence; so, the government provides proper rehabilitation. In this regard, the accident benefits people who can’t afford their injury costs.

You might receive physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, exercise therapy, etc. Sometimes, you can also receive an amount of up to $30000 as accident benefits.

Brain Injury Settlements

You will get a financial settlement if your brain injury is very traumatic. However, it is an award based on rehab benefits.

The amount can move up to more than $1000000. Further, you’ll find cases where the settlement amount is about a million dollars.

Brain Injury Costs

In a broad category, the compensation amount you receive will vary based on the brain injury claims. This means that you will receive an amount after determining the type of injury and the loss you received.

Nevertheless, the court will look into other related factors like medical expenses, wage losses, travel costs, pain, suffering, etc.

In the end, you will receive what you deserve. However, it is always necessary to fight with proper documentation.

Brain Injury Compensation

Based on your brain injury costings, the compensation also changes. So, it would be best if you had solid reasons to get the best compensation.

One main cause is based on your ability to earn in the future. However, most people tend to have a short-term income.

So, there are medical experts who can verify your type of injury. The experts can also help you to get a proper compensation value.

How to Assess Brain Injury Cases?

It is necessary to take legal action when you’re facing trouble for someone else’s wrongful acts. You shouldn’t suffer damage and loss for the mistakes others make.

Nevertheless, there is nothing more serious than brain injuries. So, the court will assess your brain injury case very significantly.

Hence, it is very important to prove what you’re going through as your settlements will depend on your documentation.

How Long Does It Take to Settle Brain Injury Cases?

In most cases, brain injuries are a matter to be taken seriously. Those injuries can harm you in the most difficult ways. As the damage is mostly long-term, it would be best to settle for claims you deserve.

However, the court may take time to your brain injury case on trial. Since these cases aren’t regular, the settlement time depends on the severity of your case.

However, a lawyer can provide specific estimates after they listen to your accident and see your reports.

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Take Help of a Professional

It would be best if you negotiated to get the best valuable settlement. In this regard, you can hire or discuss with a professional.

Since personal injury lawyers have the experience to fight these cases, they can easily help you win with proper investigations.

Additionally, they will also provide the options available while they calculate all losses. However, it is crucial to provide all the necessary documents to fight your case. So, better not to hurry and talk to your lawyer first.


To sum up, you may face serious difficulties with traumatic brain injuries. However, there are always possibilities to get the best claims and settlements if you fight for it.

Whether the effects are short-term or long-term, your lawyer is your savior here. In most cases, the settlement will depend on the type of brain injury.

Therefore, it would be best if you hire a lawyer who has dealt with that before. Plus, an experienced lawyer can help you with different criteria.

So, never hesitate to deal with your struggles with the brain injury lawyers to help you out!

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that you might have.

Is brain injury a permanent problem?

Major or moderate brain injury can result in permanent problems. However, the problems can be mental or physical disabilities or both. Sometimes, people also face other difficulties for being a patient of traumatic brain injury. Additionally, some patients recover but still suffer from long-term problems.

Is it possible to recover from a brain injury?

Researches show that it’s possible to recover from a brain injury. However, some might take a few years, but it’s curable. In addition, while you expect to get better, it is very important to take such actions. So, if you don’t focus on your problem, they will stall and take more time to recover.

What are the effects of a brain injury?

The effects of a brain injury are minor or major. You might face nausea, ringing ears, persistent neck pain, loss of balance, etc., in an early stage. On the other side, the delayed effects are irritability, memory loss, getting lost, low motivation, etc.



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