Pedestrian Crossing Rules in Canada

Pedestrian Crossing Rules in Canada

Road safety means we understand that following all the road rules and regulations. It is not only for the drivers but also for the pedestrians. These rules and laws make sure the road safety of pedestrians and drivers on Canadian roads.

That is why learning and knowing the road rules for an individual is very important. As a pedestrian, you should also learn about pedestrian crossing rules and some ways to keep yourself safe on the road.

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Pedestrian crossing rules: How should they cross the street?

There are some rules and laws for crossing the road in Canada. And if someone violates these laws, then it will be considered a criminal offense. So below are given some crossing rules for the pedestrians in Canada.

General Pedestrian Rules

The following are the pedestrian crossing rules in Canada:

  • Use the indicated crosswalks only. These are identified on the road’s surface by painted lines, signs, or other markings. You may cross at any time during a crosswalk as long as you give way to vehicles that are turning onto another street.
  • If there isn’t a pedestrian crosswalk sign, you must cross by moving to the opposite side of the street to give vehicles the green light to turn onto another street.
  • You should wait for a gap in traffic flow before crossing at pedestrian crossings. If one does not arrive, continue across the street carefully to avoid alarming any oncoming traffic.
  • It is safe to cross a one-way street when there is no traffic moving in either direction.
  • You can cross the street anywhere it is safe to do so if you cannot use a pedestrian crossing or a crosswalk for some reason.

Driver’s Rules

At all times, especially when approaching crossroads and pedestrian crossings, drivers must take extra care around pedestrians.

  • Stop before the white line when a person is in your lane or the lane next to you on a multi-lane street. If there are no pedestrians around, proceed cautiously until you pass this area.
  • Unless you are near a crossroads, a pedestrian crossing, or a driveway where you must stop, avoid passing other vehicles in the same lane. At a clearly marked pedestrian crossing, passing another vehicle in the same lane is prohibited.
  • Wait for pedestrians to cross the entire length of the street at crossings before moving forward. Additionally, remember that you must stop pedestrians in all directions if you are making a right turn at a crossroads with a pedestrian crossing.
  • Passing a vehicle at a crosswalk or crossing where pedestrians are present or have just begun to cross is prohibited.
  • At a crosswalk for pedestrians, avoid beeping because doing so could frighten them and is quite dangerous.

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Some Particular Crossing Rules

Here, we explore more detailed guidelines for pedestrian crossings that you need to be aware of:

Zebra Crossing

These crossings have been painted with black and white stripes to increase their visibility. They assist in making drivers aware of pedestrians’ presence and show pedestrians where they can cross safely. As soon as you notice a zebra crossing coming up, slow away and allow space for pedestrians.

Pelican Crossing

Pedestrians are in charge of controlling the lights at pelican crossings. By pressing a button, the red light turns off and the amber flashing light signals to pedestrians that it is safe to cross. Once you see the green light turn on, proceed cautiously through the crossing.

Puffin Crossing

Similar to pelican crossings, puffin crossings are situated over the road and required to control that turn on the green light when people are waiting there. Additionally, it includes built-in CCTV for improved visibility.

There is no automated light control at these crossings. In this situation, if a pedestrian is already crossing the street or is about to do so, you must stop and give them the right of way.

Toucan Crossing

Cyclists and pedestrians can both cross at toucan crossings. While the green cycle symbol informs cyclists that they should only cross when the light has turned green, the pedestrian light informs pedestrians when it is safe to cross.

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New rules at pedestrian crossovers in Canada

A new rule in Canada indicated the drivers must stop and wait till the pedestrian completely crosses the road. This rule is also applicable to school crossing. Under this new law, if any drivers or cyclists violated the rules, s/he will be fined 150 CAD to 500 CAD.

Pedestrians Safety Tip

According to the Canada transport, almost 20% of road accident involves with the pedestrian. The drivers and the pedestrians both have faulty for those accidents. So maintaining some safety tips and precautions is very important and can reduce the percentage of the accident.

So in the following, there are some safety tips for pedestrians which help to stay safe on the road.

1. While crossing the road

While crossing the road, you need to avoid crossing in the middle of a block. Also, avoid crossing between the parked cars. You will find a pedestrian crossing, which is located at road intersections. You should cross the road only at a marked crosswalk. When the traffic has stopped, you can start crossing.

Before crossing the road, try to keep your arm out and indicate that you want to cross the road. If possible, then try to make eye contact with the driver. And make sure that he or she notices you. And one thing that you never should do is do not run in the middle of the road.

2. Try to stay visible

When you need to cross the road, it is very important to make yourself visible to the drivers. This is how you can grab the driver’s attention, and they will stop their cars for you. Sometimes in the dark, it is so risky to cross the road.

That is why experts suggest that for bikers and pedestrians to wear reflective dresses and bright-colored clothing. When you need to cross the road at dusk or night, try to wear something reflective.

3. As a parent

If you are a parent, then you also have a lot of responsibilities to do. You should teach your child about road rules and safety. And how they can stay safe on the road. Also, show them how to access the road safety. Teach them how to cross the road safely, and they should not run to cross the road. And try to take extra care when it is the matter of teaching road cross.

4. At a traffic light – pedestrian rules

On the road, there are three common types of traffic lights. They are red, green, yellow. Some people do not know the meaning of these lights, which can lead them to serious consequences. Below are given some traffic light interpretations;

  • You should only cross the road when the traffic stops completely, and the traffic light turns into the green with a walk sign.
  • Do not cross before the light comes up. As long as the green light with the walk indicator turns up, you can start walking.
  • When the traffic light is flashing, ‘do not walk’ or the light is yellow, you should not cross the road. But if you are already crossing the road, then the light turns up to red or yellow. Then complete your crossing. Do not stand in the middle of the road.
  • Important note – never ever cross the road when the light is RED.
  • You can watch for the traffic turning at the intersections of roads and leaving the driveways.

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Final thoughts

Maintaining the pedestrian rules in the road is a very good practice. No matter how old o young you are, we all should maintain the traffic and pedestrian rules for our safety. Please remember that your life is more precious than your time.

So in the bottom line, take your time to cross the road, do not cross the road in the hustle and bustle. You will find many websites and a road sign from where you can learn and spread the rules and laws. And we hope that the above article helped you to know about the pedestrian crossing rules in Canada.



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