How to Avoid a Rear End Collision?

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Rear end collisions are one of the most common kinds of accidents that you almost hear of every day. Many people think this accident is completely inevitable. Today we will discuss how to avoid a rear end collision for your safety purpose.

However, by following some of the useful tips to avoid a rear end collision, you can at least minimize the odds of getting involved in a rear end collision.

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How to Avoid a Rear End Collision?

Life is unpredictable, and anything can happen at any moment of the time. The same goes for accidents.

The rear end collisions are often preventable. And following the below-listed points, not only can you prevent yourself from running over others, but at the same time can protect yourself from being hit from behind.

Here are 11 tips to avoid rear-end collision:

Obey the traffic laws

To abide by the traffic rules and regulations is the first thing that everyone must maintain at all costs. After all, these rules are made for the welfare of everyone.

Now you may say there still occur accidents that too on a daily basis even by following all the traffic laws. Why did these accidents take place?

Well, some accidents are unavoidable, and no laws can save this accident from happening.

However, if you follow the rules properly, then chances are high that you are less likely to encounter an accident. And even if you do, it will be less severe. Even statistics show that just by following the traffic laws properly, you can bring down the accident ratio every year by a great margin.

Hence, always try to obey the traffic laws to keep yourself and others safe. Right from obeying the signage to driving within the speed limits, keeping ample space between the cars, avoiding cutting off drivers, or breaking any other laws. Remember, your safety remains in your hand.

Always use your signals

Having a good interaction isn’t just essential for building a strong bond instead, it is equally important for avoiding an accident. In fact, several accidents can be prevented by following traffic signals.

After all, your signal helps others to understand the next move you are about to take. Based on that signal, they will take action accordingly.

Check your lights regularly

Whether it be your turn signals, headlights, or even your brake lights – all these things can play a big role in keeping yourself and everyone around you safe if used properly. In fact, they are the best medium of communicating with the drivers behind you.

You never know which light may come in handy. That’s why it is more than necessary that you check your lights regularly. And in case of any problems found, try to fix them as soon as possible.

Vehicle maintenance

Any kind of mechanical failure or breakdown would be a serious threat, especially if you went on driving without fixing them. It is like digging up your own grave.

So, get your vehicle checked regularly for maintenance to ensure a safe journey without losing control on the road. This one habit is enough to save you from a lot of small or big accidents.

Eliminate distractions

Many people have the habit of getting distracted while driving. Well, it is a very deadly habit. While driving, you must stay fully focused on the roads and other essential things rather than looking here and there.

Don’t look at your phone or talk with anyone while driving. In other words, keep your phone away, at least for the time you are driving. And in case of important calls, the best practice is to pull over and then attend it. Set up the GPS or playlist before heading out for any road trip.

Never drive in an intoxicated state

Driving under the influence of any drugs or alcohol will directly affect your brain. And you will find yourself not in the right state of mind in no time.

So, if for any reason you have taken this kind of substance, then don’t even think of driving. Instead, take a Uber or taxi, or you can also stay at your friend or relative place until you get sober enough to get on your legs.

Always keep calm and drive with a cool head

Another great way of avoiding a rear end collision is to stay calm and drive with a cool head. Anger is a very bad thing and can lead you to make rash and hazardous decisions, putting your life at risk. Therefore, no matter what, don’t get angry while driving for your own betterment.

Such as, if anyone crosses you or shows aggressive driving, the best is to let go and give them the needed space on the road. It is normal to feel angry at these issues.

However, instead of venting it out during your driving, take a deep breath and move on. After all, getting angry over this thing is just not worth anything.

Check the weather forecast

Before heading out, it is always a good habit to check the weather conditions. It is like being informed about what will happen if you will go outside.

As a result, based on that, you can take the necessary steps and also get the time to prepare yourself mentally. However, if you don’t feel safe enough to drive in any adverse weather conditions, then obviously, it is better to not go outside on these days.

Check your mirrors

Mirrors are undoubtedly one of the essential tools for staying alert to your surroundings. However, many drivers don’t have the habit of checking their mirrors as they should.

Every driver should build this habit. In fact, it is a basic rule of safe driving. Many experts even said that checking your mirrors every 5 to 8 seconds while slowing down or coming to a stop can save you from the hand of various dangers.

Maintain a safe distance

Although you can’t control how close you are followed, however, the good news is you can always control the space amount between your car and the one in front of you. Hence, always try to keep a safe distance of a 3-second gap. And see the magic!

As if you maintain this distance, then you will find ample of time to react upon any sudden change, ultimately saving you from various kinds of hazardous situations. You may not know about it but keeping a safe following distance between two vehicles is one of the basic aspects of defensive driving.

Look for an escape route

In many scenarios, you may see that the car behind you is aggressively coming toward you without stopping. When this happens, move your vehicle out instantly if you don’t want to get rear-ended. Now you may ask how I will know which route will be the safest one to take?

Well, it basically depends on your surroundings. Therefore, always stay alert of your surroundings and determine the best place to pull off your vehicle. Be quick to take action with a calm head in this kind of situation.

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What Causes Car Accidents?

You can learn how to completely avoid rear-end collisions and other accidents by understanding the reasons why they happen. Here are some of the most frequent causes of car accidents, while there are many others:

Speeding is the main factor in serious vehicle accidents. Faster driving can endanger other people since it gives you less time to react to what’s going on around you. Additionally, speeding tickets have an impact on your insurance!

You are more at risk of getting into an accident when driving in bad weather. Poor weather can affect vision and vehicle traction, leaving you less time to react, whether it’s a summer storm or slippery snow and ice in the winter. To avoid car accidents brought on by bad weather, ensure your vehicle is appropriately weather-resistant.

The majority of wildlife collisions occur on two-lane country roads. Find out more about local animal behaviour and how to prevent running into wildlife.

The biggest danger on the road remains distracted driving, but we’re not just talking about your smartphone. Talking to other drivers, adjusting your GPS, or eating a snack can all quickly divert your focus from the road. Statistics indicate that even if you look up from the distraction, you may not see up to 50% of the surrounding area while driving.

Driving while drunk continues to be a major factor in traffic deaths and collisions. An average of four Canadians per day are killed (and many more are injured) in car accidents involving impaired driving. Alcohol, marijuana, and other intoxicating drugs all play a role in more than 50% of car accidents.

To Conclude

We all know how deadly an accident can be. And not to mention the trauma, stress, expenses – that comes along with an accident. Whether small or big, the results of all accidents are devastating!

Though most of the accidents may seem inevitable, yet following the above-mentioned tips on how to avoid a rear end collision, you can minimize the ratio to a great extent. The rest depends on destiny.

Lastly, stay sound and have a safe drive!



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