What to Do after a Slip And Fall Accident?

What to Do after a Slip And Fall Accident

A slip and fall accident may happen for quite a few reasons. It may occur because of the weather: rain, ice, or snow on public or personal property. Therefore, not all injuries will be considered a slip and fall injury to claim compensation.

This article will guide you about what to do after a slip and fall accident and what legal rights you have after such an incident. It is always better to consult with a slip and fall lawyer near you and give them the responsibility to investigate the case to properly secure the compensation you deserve.

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The Definition of Being Negligent:

An individual will be considered a negligent person when they were supposed to take reasonable steps or care of their property, but they didn’t. And as a result, another person got injured.

If they had time to take necessary actions to avoid the slip and fall, then the property owner’s action would be reported as negligence.

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For Cases of Slip and Fall Accident Where You Should File a Report:

If you trip and fall on the road for your carelessness (walking while looking at the phone), you are not getting any compensation. You should seek help from the slip and fall injury lawyers near you in the cases mentioned below.

Outdoor Slip and Fall Cases:

Among millions of emergency cases, almost 12 percent of them are caused by the slip and fall accidents that happened outdoor for the negligence of the occupiers. Here are some common causes that can lead to injuries.

Different damaged flooring conditions in front of someone else’s property are the major causes of these types of accidents. They are Uneven/broken flooring, unsuitable covering, wet floor for ice or snow, slippery floor for oil or grease, debris, and broken sidewalks.

Indoor Slip and Fall Cases:

When you get injured while visiting someone else’s house or in a shopping store, you can sue them for their negligence, if you have been injured severely and the accident was avoidable before the accident, then you should hire an injury lawyer immediately.

Loose or torn carpeting, loose rugs, poor lighting in the staircase, cables, uneven steps, damaged handrails, potholes can be the reason for a slip and fall accident indoors.

How to Win a Slip and Fall Case by Proving Negligence?

In different provinces of Canada, some lawyer firms are renowned for their experienced team of personal injury lawyers. They help the victims by proving the negligence of the property owner.

Let us give you some ideas about what you should do to win such cases in a nutshell.

Look for the Reason that Caused the Fall:

After such an event, you should take notes on where you fell and what made you fall. It is a normal reflex for adults to feel embarrassed after a fall and leave the place in a hurry.

But figuring out the place and the cause behind the fall is necessary because your lawyer and the police will properly investigate the site of the accident and confirm your claim before proceeding to court.

Talk to the Witnesses:

If you have any witnesses, make sure you take their contact information and ask for their consent to help you when the course is discussed in court.

Find Out Who Owns the Property:

To report the incident to the authority, you need to know first the name and address of the property owner.

Take Snaps of the Injuries and Photos:

Following the slip and fall accident, you should take photos of the place where the accident happened and your injuries. If possible, ask for the CCTV camera footage from the property owner for solid evidence.

Save the Shoes and Clothes:

The shoes and clothes you were wearing at the time of the accident may be used as evidence that you were injured and not wearing any slippery shoes that caused the accident.

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Know Your Rights before Doing Anything Stupid:

After the accident, your insurance company, the owner of the property where you fell, or defendants may try to approach you with a deal to pay your medical bills to persuade you not to sue them or file a report against them.

Remember, you should not sign any contract paper, take any money from the person at fault, or take any blame for an accident slip that you are not responsible for and resulted from someone else’s ignorance.

These statements or actions may be used against you in court to mislead the case and make you the guilty one. Inform your lawyer even when you are changing your physician and about every move the opposition makes to make you lose the case and keep him in the loop.

Hire a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Alberta

Slip and fall accidents often result in severe injuries, for example, broken ankles or wrists, back/spinal cord/ pelvic/ knee injuries, head, and brain injuries, fractures, cuts/ bruises, and often lifelong physical disability for any nerve injury.

Proving Liability Negligence is necessary for you to win deserved compensation due to mental and physical damages. And to represent your damages, hire the expert slip and fall lawyers in Alberta.

Fall in front of a Store:

In some cases, the accidents may happen in front of a departmental store or the store’s parking lot. In that case, you should notify the store owner about the incident first. If the store owner has a cooperative attitude, ask for the Accident report copy to keep your record.

The following actions are the same as the previous one checking up for your injuries from a physician and keeping the medical record. It would be best if you took care of your injuries first.

How Long Does It Take to Settle the Issue?

The timing depends on the limitation period and the severity of your injury. The limitation period refers to when you must start the legal process to claim the compensation. Your case will fall under any three categories: Economic, Non-economic, and Punitive.

The non-economic and punitive compensations will not award the victim any monetary present. Still, they will warn the defendant to solve the issue so that not another person will get injured again. Often big company owners and retail shop owners get this advantage and don’t get appropriate fines.

These cases take a few months to a year to finalize the statement.

In cases where your medical reports show a severe injury, you may get settlement money. The Slip and fall lawyers assist you in the court to win the money because most stores and big companies have the fund to deal with these issues, and they are ready to pay the damages with their insurance company. All you need to do is prove their ignorance/ negligence and get the money you deserve for your recovery.

These cases take from a year to four to solve.

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What Should You Do After a Slip and Fall Accident?

You should seek emergency medical help immediately after the accident and get up for a check-up of the fractures and broken bones. Call for a personal injury lawyer after reporting to the police.

Who Is Liable in A Slip and Fall Accident?

Even though the liability falls upon the property owner in the premises of negligence, there may be cases where the victim is at fault. The court decides if the accident happened because of the failure of the property owner directly or the victim deliberately caused the mishap.

How Much Is a Slip and Fall Accident Worth?

The settlement money for a slip and fall accident ranges between $15000 and $45000. However, the worth can get lower or higher depending on the variables of your case. The medical reports will determine the calculations of the money issue.

How Much Is a Slip and Fall Accident Report?

The slip and fall accident report can win you $10,000 to $50,000, only if you can prove the property owner’s liability. You need to make sure that you report the incident as soon as possible to gather all the evidence and file the report.

How to Handle a Slip and Fall Accident?

It would help if you took immediate action after a slip and fall accident. They are:

  • Reporting the accident
  • Getting Slip and Fall treatment
  • Retain the cloths
  • Take snaps of the injuries and the site and
  • Lastly, consult with a lawyer while recovering.


Now that you know what to do after a slip and fall accident, keep the facts in mind and let your friends and family know about the terms. And always try to stay on the safe side since the weather is not trustable and make sure your property is clean and properly kept so that no one gets hurt.

And by any chance, if you fall victim to such a case, take reasonable actions to claim the compensation to recover and consult with your lawyer before you forget any crucial details about the issue. Many clients often lose a case because of the wrong timing and loss of evidence. Try to avoid this.



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