What are Car Accident Settlement Payouts in Alberta?

What are Car Accident Settlement Payouts in Alberta?

In Alberta, the average car accident settlement is approximately $50,000 for average injuries suffered in a car accident. There are regular cases of car accidents in Alberta. However, the rate of car accidents decreased over time for the new legal rules and regulations.

The government always thought about the best interest of the country. So, they came up with new laws to help people to suffer less.

If you visit this article for the car accident settlements payouts, then this is perfect for you. This article will learn about the challenges, types of settlements, and how to calculate them.

Let’s get into the details of car accident settlement payouts in Alberta.

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Pain and Suffering Calculation in Alberta

There should be a logical reason and indication of why a victim should receive an indemnity. If a person can prove that they are in pain and suffering, the calculation comes afterward, suggesting an approximate assessment of how much money the victim will receive from the responsible party.

Every insurance company has its method and format to calculate compensation. But, that can vary as different personal injury lawyers consider different factors. We must mention that this is not the only field of compensation.

Each pain and injury case has different calculations because of their uniqueness. Everyone guilty will try to give you less most of the time. So, that requires an experienced lawyer’s intervention.

It wouldn’t be wise to choose any random structure or accept anyone unless your lawyer confirms that is okay.

Challenges of Calculating Pain and Suffering Damages

Unlike economic damages, you can’t calculate nor have any receipts for pain and suffering. So, the government provides a legal guide to help people to calculate pain and suffering damages.

Everyone has their burden of pain and suffering, so you know the term is subjective. But this gets tougher for lawyers to present their case. They need to gather other evidence and documentation to succeed.

Nevertheless, you can get a document of pain and suffer through doctors, friends, coworkers, family, or even the victim. Some common pain and damages are:

  • Depression
  • Psychological distress
  • Exhaustion
  • Less physical capability
  • Inability to complete tasks.

Settlement Timeline after a Car Accident

The victim faces different types of damage, causing pain and suffering. The convicted person will have to pay compensations for several fields of losses or damages and expenses.

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Disability costs
  • Property damage
  • Mental anguish

There is no specific timeline for a settlement of a car accident. The duration usually depends on the type of crash and injury.

The settlement takes around 6-9 months after starting your case. However, it isn’t possible to change the compensation money once you reach the maximum medical improvement.

A personal injury lawyer can get your medical reports from your doctors to understand the recovery time. However, the time range of requiring all the information can take around three months.

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Settlement for Different Types of Accidents

There are different types of accident settlements. However, the compensation money differs based on the kind of accidents.

Some of the accident’s settlements are:

Let’s see the way these settlements work out.

Settlement for Car Accident in Alberta

Sometimes the minor injuries fall under general damages. You can file a claim for injuries if you had a car crash and ended up with a car crash. Some minor injuries are sprain, whiplash, strain, etc.

Nevertheless, as the compensation money changes with the type of accidents, the amount can range from $4000 to $350000.

The victim has 6 months of time limit to file for the settlement.

Settlement for Motor Vehicle & Auto Injury

Motor vehicle and auto injury cases are similar to car accident settlements. That means the compensation amount will differ depending on the severity of your injury.

Therefore, if your injury is major, you will receive higher compensation money.

Settlement for Slip and Fall Injury

The settlements for slip and fall injuries are different. However, the compensation amount can decrease based on the situation.

An owner can’t clean the property without putting the ‘careful’ sign. On the other hand, a victim can’t wear headphones and walk around.

In such cases, the compensation amount tends to vary from $5000-$50000.

Settlement for ‘Pedestrian Hit by a Car

Pedestrians getting hit by a car was common. So, the government took the initiative to lower these injuries.

If a driver injures a person, the compensation amount starts from $15000. Nevertheless, the major injuries could take the amount to $75000.

Additionally, a driver can’t drive while they are sleepy or drinking in any case. In such cases, the compensation amount will be more.

Car Accident Settlements Calculator in Alberta

There is no specific settlement calculator for pain and suffering as you can’t measure them. The car accident settlements need a lot of negotiation.

The insurance companies always manipulate the victims to lower the settlements. However, if you have a professional lawyer, you will quickly meet your negotiations.

The amount of settlements varies based on your loss. So, if you have a car crash and suffer a major injury, you will get a higher compensation amount.

There are two types of damage, which are economic and non-economic.

You can easily count the level of your damage, which is economic damage. Some economic damages are medical costs, lost income, or property damage.

On the other hand, you can’t calculate some damages, and these are non-economic damages. A common type of non-economic damage is the cost of pain or suffering.

Top 3 reasons to hire a professional

It is a common question that you should hire a professional.

The top 3 reasons to hire a professional are:

  1. Lawyers are experienced
  2. Lawyers can negotiate
  3. Lawyers can help with legal coverage

Let’s look more into the reasons.

1. Lawyers are Experienced

If you have a car crash, you are already going through physical and psychological traumas. As the

As they are professionals, they are more knowledgeable and skilled than you. Therefore, you will get a better result if they claim for you.

A lawyer will also help you get the best value with the options that are available for you. You wouldn’t realize the available option if you don’t take on professionals.

2. Lawyers can Negotiate

If you don’t have a good idea of negotiating, you need to take the help of a professional. Many firms can help you to get your settlements from the insurance companies.

The insurance companies will always try their best to lower the amount. The more persuasive they are, the lesser amount they can provide.

So, it is tough to deal with insurance companies without lawyers.

3. Lawyers can Help with Legal Coverage

Before you file a case, it is possible that your opponent already has a personal injury lawyer. If you don’t have proper knowledge, you will lose the case quickly.

Therefore, it is very important to hire a lawyer to get help with legal coverage. Not only will they give the best legal advice, but they will also assure you of winning the case.

With the injuries, you can’t collect all the information. So, they will gather evidence while you rest.


To sum up, the car accident settlement payouts in Alberta vary based on the type of injury. For major cases, as the treatment is a long process, the settlement amount is higher.

On the other hand, it is a challenging process to negotiate with the insurance companies. They will always want the best for themselves rather than help you to be fully functional.

Therefore, hire a personal injury lawyer and start working with your case through all kinds of challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look into some frequently asked questions that you might have in mind.

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Car Accident Claim in Alberta?

In Alberta, most cases of car accident claims settle before trial. People can resolve such issues before the final verdict of the court. If there is no proper negotiation, the case can last from 3 to 4 years.

What is the Minimum Settlement for a Car Accident?

A minimum car accident settlement can be $14000, but it can move up to $28000. In most cases, the average value is around $21000. If people have injuries, the settlement amount can rise.

How are Auto Accident Settlements Calculated?

Insurance companies use an easy technique to calculate auto accident settlements

Auto accident settlements: special damages * general damages + lost wages = settlement.

How is a Settlement Paid Out?

There are different ways to pay out settlements. You can pay the money in one go, or you can pay a periodic payment. You can decide on a settlement system to meet your needs. However, once you agree, you can’t change your terms.

What Benefits Can I Receive for a Minor Injury?

You will get a cap amount of $3500 from MIG, which will help you get back functional. The MIG allows people to recover as soon as possible. On the other hand, your insurance company will bear the expenses of medical equipment.

Why is Correct Injury Categorization So Important?

In case of minor injuries, the MIG provides $3500, but in major injuries, the amount can move up to $65000.

As most insurance companies want to save money, they wrongly classify the injuries which hamper their health. Therefore, it is essential to have correct injury categorization.



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